Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calling her out

Today while eating lunch at the ever delicious Chick-fil-a ( if you haven't ever eaten there... do!) celebrating Abby's first day of preschool... we encountered a bully!!! After we ate our lunch we all went into the little play area. Abby loves it here.. so she is in heaven, but I was a little bit perturbed with the other moms in the restaurant because they just dump their kids in the play area and then go sit and chat it up with other moms. I am kinda anti dumping off the kids.. simply because I want to know what's going on. So we are just playing around having a good time.. and then enters the bully. Of course her mother just dumped her off... and she was instantly devilish! She was even pushing over little babies.. that's too much! After a little while of the taunting, hitting, and yelling by the little girl, I was getting a little upset. So I probably shouldn't have but I kept watching the little girl and telling her not to hit anymore and to apologize to the children she has hurt/yelled at. She gets all rude and I am thinking to myself... where is your mother?? Why isn't she watching you? Why are you such a little brat?? Pretty soon she gets out of control and I decide to go rat her out!! I know I know I'm such a tattle.. but it was too much. So I walk out and find her mom and totally call the little girl out. It actually felt really good. I tried to be as nice as possible to the woman.. but I still really wanted to emphasize that her daughter was a little fart! But now I feel kinda bad and mean... So now I am wondering if I did the right thing? Am I horrible?? Would you as parents have done the same thing??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Worthless Baracade

This is my useless attempt to keep Mac from climbing up the stairs. I am not prepared for him as well as I thought... is it just him or do all little boys learn how to climb weeks after learning how to walk???

Abby totally eggs it on though.....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Learning Young

There are no words for McConnell's cuteness...