Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Chicken is....

Mac!! He's on top and Abby's on bottom. I am surprised how many people they fooled too!! Ben and I are always saying to eachother how much they look alike. But Mac of course is the male version!

My Baby's growing up!

Abby's 3rd birthday party fell on the most gorgeous day Seattle has seen in months!! YEAA for us. We all got a little sunburned....and it felt good! One of Abby's preschool buddies was able to come and they had a blast. Of course the theme was Spiderman.....

Abby and Jackson having a fun time opening the presents together.

Here is our little Hippie Abby rocking out with her brand new guitar... that was her big present!


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hi Seattle Third Ward Ladies.. thanks for visiting my blog!
So here's all the info for the crafts we will be creating. These are all so incredibly easy and for the most part inexpensive.

Mother's day is coming up and I think all of these would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift..

So first we have the Christ Tile. It is 12X12. It says Christ-- is the center of our home, a guest at every meal, a silent listener to every conversation. It's $7.00.The saying comes as a vinyl sticker and you just simply place the sticker on the tile... it's that simple!

Next is the President Hinckley Tile. It is 6x6. It says-- Life is to be enjoyed not just endured. President Gordon B. Hinckley. I have glued on some small hangers on the back of mine and then hung it up with ribbon. The price includes the hangers and ribbon. It's $4.00.

Then we have the family name wooden board. It will say the last name that you choose and behind the last name will be the quote -- Together we have it all. This is just two vinyl stickers and it take minutes to do!! It's 9.00. The board will be stained, and ready for you.

Then there is the FHE book. This has 52 lessons (one for each week of the year) and it's wonderful, and very child focused. I am always using mine for FHE! It's a binder, with page protectors, and copies of each lesson. You will have to put this all together. It takes awhile but it's much worth it. It's $9.00

Finally we have custom magnets! I love these! These are so easy to make! It's just a flat clear stone with glue and a magnet. I put two magnets on these just so they are durable and long lasting. I have made mine all pictures of our family. But you can make them whatever you want... it's really fun to make them with pretty paper or fun random pictures. I will provide the stones, glue and magnets, and you just need to bring the photos or paper you would like to use. They are .50cents each.

So there you go... that's all of the fun things we'll be doing. Please sign up as soon as you can, and please pay up front. If you can't pay me at church (which I totally understand) you can mail it to me or drop it off at my home. Thank you so much for looking.. and hopefully I'll see you craftin' away on May 3rd!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who's that Chicken??

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life is funny that way...

Hahaha.. The lady that was supposedly coming to get the Craigslist item never did show up (Read blog below) . We waited for her for two hours!! I even made Ben come home early from the lab just so he could carry the item to the ladies car. Now he's out two hours of his busy enough day!!! What a joke. Life is very funny in that way.... oh well.


There have been a few joyous moments in my life these last couple of days and I felt the need to document them.

During the last couple days Abby and Mac have been playing together for a couple minutes at a time. It's so sweet to watch. Just yesterday Abby and Mac were playing with a drum, Mac was so enthralled with all the noise that Abby was making, and before you know it Abby asked Mac if he wanted to play... and He did! He was so happy, he felt true Joy and do did I. I was busily washing the dishes, but I could see the whole thing. Abby was talking to him so sweet and Mac acted like he was listening. Really this was the first time that the two of them have played together... and it brought true joy to my heart. (No picture of them playing, because like I said I was doing the dishes... and for some horrible reason dishes were more important... I know I'm bad)

Another sweet moment happened right after Abby got out of the bathtub. Ben wrapped her up in towels because it's still freezing in Seattle, so she came running out in full towel get-up. She quickly said "Look mom I'm Jesus." She makes us laugh. Lately there have been lots of Jesus questions. (I think because Easter) This brought me so much Joy and happiness to know that she understand a little bit about Jesus. (The picture of Abby is her dressed up like Jesus, and the picture of Mac is just one of his random cute ones)

This one is more of a tender Mercy of the Lord, but it counts for joy too! Ben and I are planning on buying a home really soon!! (Like three weeks really soon) So we are trying not to spend extra money. We have been able to save enough money for a good down payment on a home. *(Thanks to my car accident money) But we don't want to dip into our savings, because that's goes to the home... any way. Today I was checking our bank account and watch it dwindle down to almost nothing. I have always worried about money... so I am getting a little worried. What are we going to do for groceries?? What about Abby's birthday? All these questions come to mind... but then I remember our tax return comes in five days!! YAHOO!!! But that's not for another few days... so we just will be really poor for the next few days, Right? Well, as soon as I am making up our food storage meals in my mind, our phone rings. I have forgotten totally that we put something on craigslist, that will give us some fast cash if it sold! A lady is coming by today to pick it up. (I hope!!) I hung up the phone and was so grateful that Heavenly Father was looking out for us. Sometimes I just get a little caught up in the worries of this world that I forget that He is right there for us. The gospel brings me Joy... Oh yeah and Craigslist too!!