Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mariner's Opening Day

Ben is the best. For our birthdays (Abby and Mine) Ben bought us opening day Mariner tickets. It's special too because this was the comeback of Ken Griffey Jr...and we're big fans of him! My Mom and Dad also went, everyone besides Ben. He's in Cali doing some work. So we finally get to our seats after driving around for an hour looking for parking, and I started to really miss Ben. It was so hard to be there without him. So after the second inning, my mom tells Abby and I to look up at the big screen for something special. And sure enough Ben had put a message up there for us! It said "Happy Birthday Allison & Abby. I love you two. Have fun at the game- Dad. I was shocked and so surprised. I started crying. I married such a good man. Words really can't describe how much I love him. He is everything to our little family, and we miss him terribly.

Thank you Dad for our awesome presents, and the sweet message on the Jumbo-Tron!! We both felt so loved.

Mac enjoying the view. Griffey at his first at bat back home! Our message. (Sorry I couldn't zoom in anymore..but you get the idea!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finding Happiness in Shoes

I think today was just my day for shoes. And it totally helps that payless makes hip and cute shoes in wide width... oh the sweet joys of pregnancy! I actually wanted to buy five different pairs, but I just settled for these three! The pictures don't quite do the fabulous colors justice. Take it from me..they are wonderful!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Montana Trip

We had so much fun visiting Montana! It was a short trip..only 4 days, but we really enjoyed being with family. No one knew that Ben was planning on making the trip as well, so that was quite the surprise for his whole family. We had a mini-birthday party for Abby, an easter egg hunt with cousins, and we ate so much GOOD food! Bonnie (Ben's mom) makes the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had!! All in all the four days went by way too fast, and though it was about 40 degrees the whole time, we all survived! Look at the kids awesome U of M gear!! We love comfy sweats in our home!

That's a mouth full of yummy Easter candy
Thanks to all the Wischmeier Family for all you do!!! We love and miss you all!

Did I mention that we made Abby a rice crispy cake! Three layers of crispyness.. one layer of each, chocolate and peanut butter, and homemade frosting all over!! It was delish!!!