Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweet Abby

Today just before noon I got an email from Abby's teacher. She told me that over the weekend a mother of Abby's classmates had died. It was still a secret because the little girl wasn't back at school yet, but Abby overheard some other girls talking about it, so Abby went to her teacher to ask her if it was true. Unfortunately it was true and it was very hard on Abby. She cried and cried to her teacher. That's when the teacher emailed me to let me know Abby was having a hard time. I read the email and cried. I cried for the little girl mourning for her lost mother and I cried for a sad and scared Abby. I also cried because Abby's sweetness really is unmatched. She is tender, and kind. She is thoughtful and spiritual and brave. It was all I could do to not run over to school and bring her home and love on her like crazy. I still had to pick the boys up from preschool, so I couldn't go pick her up right away either. But my heart still needed a good Abby hug. Then I thought I could go pick up the boys and then run over real quick and still make it to Abby's lunch. So we did just that. We only managed to have a few minutes with her, but those minutes truly mattered. She was very happy and surprised to see me. I looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her, I gave her lots of hugs, and then I let her finish her lunch. She then asked why I came, and I told her that her teacher emailed me and told me she was having a hard day. Then Abby looked up at me and told me that her friend's mom had died, and Abby cried some more. So we hugged it out. She didn't want to me to let her go for a good while, so we talked about it. And she took a deep breath and finally did finish her lunch. When she had to go back to class, she hugged me extra tight and told me like she always does.. "I love you forever Mom."

I am so glad I went and saw her for those few minutes. Abby is my heart, and when she hurts I hurt. I am so thankful she has been given to me, she really is such a special person. And I love her forever too.