Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crystal Beach Texas

After two long years we finally made it back to the beach! It's only about an hour and a half away, and we wonder why we don't go more often! This time we decided to take a ferry to a little island off Galveston, and I'm glad we did! The kids loved it and the ferry ride was only ten minutes each way.

As soon as the kids saw the beach they were so excited to get out and get wet! The weather was perfect, a little overcast with nice big clouds!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Utah 2012

Uncle Spud was getting married, so off to Utah we went. Mapquest says it's a 24 hour drive, we managed to make the first trip up only last 26 hours. That includes us stopping for dinner, playing at a wonderful park and  driving straight through the night, then stopping for breakfast and finally making it to Orem! The kids surprised me and did amazingly well!

We stayed at Grandma Bonnie's childhood home. It's so cozy and has a perfect backyard for the kiddos. They especially loved jumping on the trampoline in the 85 degree weather and sleeping on the tramp at night! (We loved the beautiful Utah weather!!)

It was off to Manti Utah for the wedding, and it was so beautiful! After that we headed to their wedding reception at a lavender farm, it was complete with a pond with paddle boats, climbing wall, play sets, name was there!! So much fun! 

The next day we went to Temple Square. What a treat! It's so peaceful and beautiful there! We were able to meet up with a couple of our Houston friends there and the kids were so happy to see their buddies! 

We ate at Cafe Rio, and In n Out... as always it was delish and something to look forward to! 

Then it was off to head home. We made that trip back in 27 hours...not too bad! The last two hours were torture for Jack. Poor thing...he sat in his carseat the whole way, he earns a gold star for that trip! Mac of course never made a peep the whole 53 hours, Abby was an amazing helper and such a good traveler, and Finn was.. Finn...super needy, cranky, and loud, but overall he did pretty good. The poor thing just wanted to get out and play! 

Even though we did have a blast being with and seeing our family, we might take a few years off until our next looooong roadtrip!!