Monday, June 30, 2008

Hectic in Houston

Wow! Life is crazy here! I can't believe that we have been here for almost two weeks! Yes, we made it just fine! After my last post we drove straight through I think five states and finally arrived! The weather was insane in Oklahoma..honestly I thought a tornado was rolling in! It was the most awful black cloud that I have ever seen, I think I referred it as the "Mega Death Cloud." Ben drove through all of the horrible weather and for that I am incredibly thankful... I would have been a mess driving in all that! And I thought the rain in Seattle was bad... I have never in my life seen rain fall down as hard as it was in Oklahoma. Oh well I am just glad it's over.

The house of course is amazing! I still don't feel like this is all really happening. I feel as though I am still in my dreams... seeing how I dreamt of this place being my home every night for the last several months! We have actually been able to fill it up with all of our old stuff, and it all looks pretty good! Uncle Gabe and Granny Dean were quite the help.Thank you Thank you for all of your wonderful help. The weather here is really hot and humid but it's just what we expected so it's no shock! The nights are beautiful and that's what I really love.
Our neighbors have all been incredibly sweet. They have all come over to meet us and fill us in on neighborhood things. And actually our next door neighbor actually has twin four year old boys...which is perfect for Abby!!!

Basically time is flying by here, we are just trying not to get lost in crazy Houston and unpack all of our boxes! Oh yeah we bought a "new" car (new to us means used.) It's a 2000 Mazda 626. It's beautiful.. I'll post pictures of the car and of the house as soon as I can!
We miss Seattle, but we are happy to start this new chapter in our lives! Today is Ben's first day at work...only 30 more years to go!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Not that bad..

So we have finished one third of our wonderful road trip, and acutally it wasn't that bad. The kids both did excellent..with only a few minutes of whinning/crying!! I hope I'm not jinzing us now! Now we're off to head across CO,KS,OK and finally Texas!! I got the wonderful news last night from my fabulous realor saying that the house was empty and spotless!! YEAAA! Now it's really starting to hit me that we have our very own beautiful home to go to. I only hope these next 1600 miles fly by!!! We miss Seattle already..but we are loving the warm weather in Utah : )

Monday, June 9, 2008

Abby Update, Apron Swap and Closing

Abby did end up hurting herself worse then we thought. The poor girls elbow was basically dislocated! OUCH! It's really common in three year old girls, and it was a really easy fix! There was just a few tears... but then after the pain wore off Abby was just really happy to be able to move her arm again. It really hurt me to watch the doctor put my daughter in pain... (I shed a tear or two..because I know exactly what that feels like) but Abby is great now, and we just have to be a little bit more careful with her then before!

On another note, I have finally finished my apron for the fun summer apron swap I did! It's pretty basic and simple... but I am pretty much a basic and simple person, so it works out well. I hope my gal I am sending it to likes it! Here's a shout out to Bri for all the help she gave me!! Thanks Bri.. I love you and I am going to miss you so much!

Oh yeah more wonderful news... we are closing on the house today @ 11am!! Oh my goodness... I can't wait! Pictures to come!!

And lastly.. Mac is getting his first tooth..followed by three others... He is pretty ornery..but what could you expect?? Pictures to come on those little buds too!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Abby's First Injury

Lately, Abby has been having a minor issue with her right arm. This has only happened about three times now, but this time we need to take her to the doctors. Last night she went to get up off the ground and her granny Dean was assisting her by grabbing her left arm, and right after she got up she screamed in pain.. we aren't quite sure what happened, but we definitely know that she is in pain. She is crying and whining a lot... which is completely abnormal for her. She doesn't even want to ride her bike and that's how we knew she was really hurt this time. So this means we'll be at the Urgent care instead of church, which we are pretty bummed about seeing how this would have been our last day at church and the last time that we'll probably see most of our friends. We just hope that our little Abby girl isn't hurt too bad, and that she is back to her spunky upbeat self soon. The poor girl can't even move her left arm : (

Bye Bye Apartment life

We are offical out of our little Seattle apartment! GLORIOUS!! Our move went wonderful, about 6 guys from our ward came and helped out.. thank goodness for all of them! Thank you Thank you if any of you men read this, your help was much needed and greatly deserved! When we first started packing I started to have little panic attack because in my mind there was no way in you know what that all of our things would possible fit in three little relocubes (similar to pods) I was really worrying.. what would we do with out the comfy chair..and oh no the awsome wood bench won't fit. But don't you worry my wonderful, calm, positive husband let me know that everything was going to fit...and it did! I'm shocked!! So now it's just a matter of closing on the house, which we'll do on monday and then making the drive all the way to Houston (we leave sunday the 15th). Oh boy that's going to be quite the challenge, but nothing is stopping me from my house... I'll drive the whole way straight for 32 hours... that's how movitavted I am! We are going to be making one stop in Orem, so we can see Ben's brother and his family. They have a new little girl named Eva that we haven't met yet, so that will be really good. Until then... wish us luck with the drive... I just know that the kids will love being in the car for two straight days.