Thursday, October 25, 2007

Politics and Education -By Ben

I just love living in Seattle! Going to school at the University of Washington has opened my eyes to the inconsistencies found in the liberal world. It's funny how they get so uptight about equality in everything (like save the whales, but abortion is just fine) and feel no distain in submitting students to their own political agendas. If I were to give a discussion in class about how much I dislike former President Clinton for his immorality and lies, I would be repremanded for not seperating politics from education, but it's perfectly acceptable for a professor to rant and rave about the injustices found in the world under President Bush.

Global warming is the other issue that I'm a little squirmy about. In my field of environmental health and safety, it's definately an issue that comes up frequently. There seems to be no question that the amount of carbon emissions throughout the world are increasing, but to see the amount of effort, both statistically and scientifically, that goes into "proving" that the Bush administration is responsible for the problems of the world (after all, George W. did cause Hurricane Katrina), that same amount of effort does not go into proving that these carbon emissions are actually causing the "global warming" that we're experiencing. As far as research goes, there's just too much hype in Mr. Gore and his movement to even question that it could be caused by other means, such as the cycles of the sun (the sun expands and contracts) or other methods.

Anyway, I'm just bitter because I got an earfull this morning when a guest lecturer spoke more about the problems with our current political administration than he did about the subject of the class.

But that's life in the world of liberalism. They want their voice to be heard, but don't want to hear anyone else's. So is that equality??

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blogging? What the heck is Blogging??

YEAAA! Ben and I are going to start living in the 21st century and start this blogging stuff. I (Allison) am not a very smart person, I am not known for my writing abilities, but I think I can try this out!

Well, Life is great in the Wischmeier household. We are all adjusting nicely to having four in the house. McConnell our newest little addition is doing great. He is four weeks old and already starting to get chubby. And that's just how we like um'. Abby is the BEST big sister, and I have to admit I was a little worried at first, but she loves him so much...... it's the best! McConnell will cry and she'll walk over to him and say "It's okay Connell, it's okay. She can't quite say the whole McConnell, so he's just Connell to her! Having a second child really makes you realize how quickly they grow up, He's already one month old, soon he'll be driving!!!

So this is my first attempt at blogging, I hope I did it right. I would write more about my absolutely crazy day, but both the children are sleeping and I should be too.

Just wait until you hear about what I did today while in downtown seattle, this is one for the memory books! Ok, ok I need sleep!