Friday, August 27, 2010

"A little awesome."

The day has come! Abby's in kindergarten! She has been waiting for and talking about this day for a long time. At first she was a little bit shy, but quickly she realized how much fun she was going to have.

The whole family got to walk her into her class the very first day. It was sweet to see her so excited and nervous at the same time. Mom got just a tiny bit choked up when we had to leave, but all in all it was a smooth and painless delivery.

When Abby came home from her first day I asked her how she liked kindergarten and Abby says " It was a little awesome." PRICELESS!!

The house is much different without her, almost so much I can't think about it or I get emotional. So far she has gotten good behavior stickers every day the first week, we are proud parents!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Orleans for Ben's 30th

Remember Ben's birthday last year? If you don't that's okay.. it's because it was so LAME! So I told myself and Ben that for his 30th I would blow him out of the water. That didn't really happen either. Why am I so horrible at this? I was planning on a fabulous one of a kind gift for him, but due to an unforeseen circumstance it just didn't work out. So instead of getting him something awesome, I just asked him if he wanted to go away with me for the weekend. Yup.. just me and kids! He of course said yes, and before you knew you it we were on the road to New Orleans! We've both never been before, so we thought it would be a great little weekend getaway. The drive to NOLA (that what they like to call New Orleans) was six hours. And honestly I think those were the best six hours of the whole weekend. We just sat and talked and talked about everything. I can't tell you the last time that has happened, so it was blissful. We arrived late friday night. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in the French Quarter, which is close to just about everything. After we got checked it, we decided to head out and see a little bit of the French Quarter night life. We wondered over to Bourbon St. which is crazy famous, so we thought it would be pretty cool. We were wrong. It was filthy, gross and awful. I guess the nice way of saying it, would be it just wasn't our scene. So we quickly left Bourbon St, and we were off to find some divine beignots. And divine they were. After that we were pooped, so off to bed we went. In the morning we planned on heading to a famous breakfast spot called the Camilla Grill. To get there we needed to take the street car. The street car was both one of our favorites as well. It took us through the main street, where the street is lined with million dollar homes after the other. It was amazing. Those homes were AMAZING! After a long, but totally worth while ride on the street car, we found the Camilla Grill. There was a line of about 20 people in the front so we knew this place had to be good.

After about an hour wait we finally placed our order and waited for the deliciousness. We both ordered an omelette with hashbrowns. This was our plate. Unfortunately you can't see all the butter the omlette and hashbrowns are wading in. It was a pretty good and indulgent breakfast. The atmosphere was almost better then the food, so that always makes it fun.

After breakfast we walked around the French Quarter. Which is blocks and blocks full of crazy expensive antique stores and other random stores. The architecture is stunning. The colors everywhere are beautiful..even on random doors. We could have walked around all day if it wasn't 100 degrees outside.. literally! When we weren't walking around enjoying the scenery we were in our hotel room napping. It was perfect. We ate a yummy fancy dinner one night, and after that the next morning we were headed home. We had a wonderful time. We got 12 hours of conversation in while driving and that was the very best. I am so in love with Ben. He is my very best friend, and my eternal companion. To just say that I love him is never enough.

Monday, August 23, 2010

July Flew By

It really did. July was a quick and fun month for us. It started off with Aunt Jessica moving in with us. She got an awesome nursing job here in Houston and she'll be staying with us for awhile. When she moved here she brought the Granny Dean with her as well. Granny doesn't get to stay though... she was only here for a short week... but a fun one it was. Aunt Jessica and Granny Dean pulled into Houston on July 4th, so we needed to make sure to play with some fireworks to celebrate!
While Granny was here she wanted to take the kids to the Circus! I would love to say it was amazing and awesome and all our wildest dreams came true... but that would be lying. It was awful and boring, so much in fact that the kids asked to leave early! BUMMER!

The rest of July we spent either at the pool or splash pad.. or inside playing in the air conditioning, because this has been a HOT summer!!

Abby has been counting down the days until school starts. I think she gets kinda bored around the house!

Mac is growing like a weed! He is wearing Abby's flip-flops that she just grew out of!! His favorite new thing to say is " Mom you make me sad.... Mario Bros makes me happy." He is completely obsessed with Super Mario Bros Wii. He doesn't technically play, he just sits and holds a Wii-mote while acting like he is Mario. It's hilarious to watch. All he really wants is to save the Princess.

Finn is cute and growing fast as well. He is a master stair climber and a good eater. He's becoming less and less demanding, which is a nice change of pace.