Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's Here!!

We got the call to come to the Hospital at 7:00 on Monday. We were a little late, and around 9:00 they got Allison a dose of cytotek (sp?) to get the labor started. Cytotek really helped her get going with Mac, so we wanted to see how she would do with it. About four hours later Allison had dialated a couple of centimeters, and the Midwife came in and said that they were just going to break the water and get Allison going on a pitocin drip (if any of you have ever talked to Allison about her wishes for childbirth, this is definitely not one of them). Anyway, the pitocin made the contractions more intense and frequent, and Allison wasn't dialating any more, so we went ahead and got an epidural (also not in her plan). Kudos to the anesthesiologist. He got it done really fast and only did a partial block so that Allison could still feel the contractions and work with her body. Shortly after that (about 4pm) Allison was at 8 1/2 cm, so it started to get really busy in the room. Allison kept having the urge to push, and finally the midwife came in and had her push to see where things were. She told us to hold on tight because he was really close, so she ran over and got on her gown, booties, and gloves, came back, and 4 more pushes and the baby was here! 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. He has dark hair, so we're excited to have a red-head, a blonde, and a brunette. We'd talked aboout naming him Spencer if he had dark hair, but we've been calling him Finn throughout the whole pregnancy, so here he is - Finnegan Robert Wischmeier.

Our sweet friends watched Abby and Mac all day and all last night (Chapman's you rock!!) so they came to the Hospital a few hours after he was born. Abby has been so excited to have another little brother, and was really excited to hold him when she got to the hospital. Mac just stared him down for a while and then pointed at him and said, "Baby!" about 7 times in a row.

Now everyone is doing great! We're excited for family to come and visit and help out for almost the whole month of July! Mostly we're just excited to have a happy, healthy baby who's been sleeping and nursing really well.

At one point Finn's heartbeat dropped a little low, so they moved Allison over on to her side and gave her oxygen. Everything was fine and got right back to normal, but we had to take advantage of the opportunity.

This really made us laugh. Here are the up/down controls for the hospital bed. If you notice, the image is of a pregnant person. Everytime Allison adjusted the bed she broke out into laughter.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Belly Lovin'

Here are the kids adorable belly loves. The first one is of Mac going in for the smooch, then the second one is the final result. ...nothing like some nose lovin'. Abby posed so sweet.. it made us melt.

And lastly here's an adorable picture of the kids playing around in their costumes... so cute!!

The Real Ticker Countdown Begins!

I am getting induced on Monday. I hate it, but I have to do it then, or else I have to wait another week! My family would miss the birth, and not be able to see the baby, so I opted to go with Monday. Apparently there are tons of inductions this coming week, and Monday was the only option. I am still hoping and praying that I will be able to go into labor on my own.... I think I have prayed all day for it actually!

Does anyone have any tips on going into labor on my own? Besides the obvious ones?? I heard about a cocktail concoction that makes women go into labor... anyone heard of that one?? I am desperate!!

Today was all about getting stuff ready and done before Monday and actually, I am totally ready to have this baby! I am sure not ready to have to wake up four times a night to nurse, but I am SOOO ready to see and hold this little boy!

Wish me luck!! We'll keep you posted with info and pics as soon as possible!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The waiting game...

Well no baby yet. Actually I would be shocked if he decided to arrive in the month of June. This whole pregnancy I have been convincing myself that I would carry late again.. and I am pretty sure I will. I am hardly even dilated (I know you wanted to know that) and my body doesn't even really feel ready yet. Though I have been having lots of contractions that tease me, nothing has come of it. So my Mom, Dad and sister fly in on July 1st, so I am going to try to push this little man out while their here. (Fingers crossed)

Abby and Mac are adorable. They both LOVE to swim at our community pool, and Abby actually has gotten really good. At first she was scared to death, but with the aid of her arm floaties and a noodle she developed her balance and now she's doing great. Mac is just plain crazy in the water, half the time I think I am going to lose my tight grip on him and he'll be off and swimming!

Well that's really it. We'll keep you updated on Little Brother #2 as soon as something progresses!