Monday, December 15, 2008

Long time no post..

Man... our stinkin camera won't upload photos right now, so I have been putting posting off for awhile... but our camera still isn't working. I guess you'll just have to imagine my kids being adorable! Not too hard to do..right?

For thanksgiving Ben's parents came into town, and we had so much fun. We started their trip off with a trip down to Galveston, which is still pretty much destroyed from the hurricane. But it is right on the coast, boasting a wonderful beach. Don't think white sand beach, think rocky awesome beach covered and I mean covered with glorious shells. We have never seen anything like it! Bonnie and Bob were amazed with it.. and we all couldn't stop collecting awesome shells. After that we spent some time at the Houston Space Center.. which was very cool, but not so fun with kids. We spent the rest of the week just hanging out. Bob and Ben got their man duty on and fixed a whole bunch of stuff, including rebuilding our backyard fence. It's beautiful. They also reorganized our garage, which doesn't look like the hurricane that anymore. Nice work Men! It was so incredible to have family stay in our first home.. it helps make it feel more like home when you are with family.

We planned on surprising Bonnie and Bob with the pregnancy news, but me barfing on the way home in some random neighbors yard.. kind of made it seem like something was up. I usually try not to barf at all normally..but from some reason pregnancy does that to me! So while they were eating yummy chick-fil-a, Ben gave Bonnie the picture of our little nugget and told them that's why I am not partaking of the yummy food. They were both very happy and still somewhat surprised!

For Christmas we made last minute plans to go to San Fransisco, where my sister lives. My Mom and Dad will be there too... Ben and I can't hardly wait to get out and maybe have a date or two! Nothing like instant babysitters!! My sister lives a few blocks from the beach, so that's where we'll be for the Christmas week! Not too bad.

My pregnancy is going really well. I mostly get sick at night, so I really can't complain.My due date is June 29th! For the most part the nausea is going away, and I am feeling pretty good. (knock on wood)

We really wanted to get out Christmas cards, but yeah right...

We are all wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
(This is where a cute family photo will hopefully go sometime soon)