Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st for the 3rd

Happy Birthday Finn-Bug.
I am not going to lie.. this year has been a hard one for Mom. From about two weeks of age, Finn cried at least 2 hours a day. I would always say "maybe when he's three months, he'll calm down and get used to this life." Then a month after that I would say "Well maybe when he's able to eat solids, he'll be happier." Then after trying solids I would say "I think that once he can crawl he'll be a much happier baby." Yep.. none of that talk worked. He was still HARD. That is until he learned how to walk. He's a changed little man. My millions of prayers have been answered. Now-a' days he is sweet, really sweet.. and even funny. His little personality has grown so much. He understands what we say to him, he plays in the toy room all by himself and he walks everywhere.

His only word so far is "Mama"... which is total sweetness to my ears.
He loves to climb up the stairs... so much in fact... that's the very first thing he darts to in the morning, until I break his heart by putting up the gate.
His favorite thing to play with is his tongue.
His other favorite thing to do it to knock down anything we build up... like our "towers" with the wood and foam blocks.
He sleeps almost 12 hours straight every night.
His inner thighs are delicious.
He is so tan, we joke that he's half mexican.
His smile is the very best part of him.

Though we have had what feels like so many hard days.. I know and feel his little spirit and his sweet heart. I know he loves and adores our family.. and we are so very thankful he chose us. Because we all love and adore him right back.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Makeover #1

We took this...
And turned it into this....

And I think it's FABULOUS!!!

He's pretty cute too... and I am not talking about Buzz.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Daddy Rocks!!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Words can't describe your awesomeness. If you had your choice you would stay and play with us all day long and not have to go to work... that's pretty cool. If you had one hour to do whatever you wanted, you would choose to wrestle and play with your babies. You make up funny songs that we all laugh to. You read us books and tell us your silly stories. You make us crepes on demand and let's not forget about your delicious smoothies. You even help us eat ice cream out of the tub. You clean up stinky bums and do all the yard work. You build us furniture and even let us help... And most important you love us and we LOVE you.

Dad's don't get better than you. You are the GOODS! Happy Father's Day.

Finn's First Hair Cut

This little boy was in need of his very first hair cut. Though I must say it was hard to cut his golden locks at first... He wasn't quite sure what was going on...

The end results are so cute....
I think he just grew up right in front of our eyes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Compost Surprise

We started a compost bin a few months back.. and we have kind of neglected it just a little bit. Even though we haven't really taken the best care of it... it has been kind to us.... While snooping around in the beautiful vines, we have found 2 watermelons, one roma tomato plant, and one almost ripe cantaloupe. We think it's pretty cool.
"Mama look a WATERMELLON!!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Winding Down...

It's officially summer, and things have been so busy around here that it sounded fabulous to have absolutely nothing on calendar... so we took Abby out of Karate and T-ball just finished! Now we'll be hitting the pool almost everyday and trying to do our best to relax. This is the summer before Abby starts Kindergarten and I want to just sit back and enjoy it.

Abby has really improved in T-ball.. her hitting is pretty much amazing and her throwing and catching skills are picking up as well! She is so looking forward to starting school.. she already has her Nike backpack all picked out.

McConnell is so easy and hilarious. The other day while driving to T-ball practice, there was a peacock crossing the road and Mac took one look at it and yelled "WHOA!! That's a big chicken!!" Seriously I laughed for like ten minutes and I think it's one of my favorite things I have ever heard come out of a child's mouth. He stills grunts and runs around the house like a crazy Man Beast.. and it's the best. (Don't you LOVE his shoe choice!)

Finnegan is growing up. He's getting a little less demanding, but he still definitely has hard days. One day I'll figure him out. As for now he loves to play on the couch, hit you in the face, and give you sweet kisses... the open mouth kind. He also loves to splash like a mad man in the bathtub and he likes to wave bye bye.

Aunt Jessica Dean has moved to Houston.. and that's so fun for us! She just got a nursing job here and we couldn't be more proud of her! She is hilarious, and the kids love having her around because she's so much fun. Thank goodness for some family living close to us!!

As for Mom and Dad. We are great. We are really looking forward to seeing each other each night before 10pm, nothing beats an open schedule!! We plan on completely re-doing our master bedroom... Ben will be building the bed and I can't wait!! So with the kids and getting stuff done around the house, we'll be plenty occupied!