Sunday, April 25, 2010


DISNEYLAND!!! Our three day adventure in Disneyland was absolutely fabulous. This was the first vacation that our little family has taken, and it all went so smoothly and we actually got to relax and enjoy our vacation! Granny Dean, Grandpa Dean, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Gabe all joined us during our Disneyland time, and it was so fun. Not only were they all such great help to have around, they were all so fun. They each took the kids on rides, pushed their strollers around, carried Finn in the snuggle and gave those little kids anything and everything they wanted! Like I said.. it was fabulous.

Here we are at the infamous front gate of Disney. (minus Aunt Jessica and Uncle Gabe) Oh.. I failed to mention how gorgeous and perfect the weather was.... 65 degrees.. not a cloud in sight.

Mac and Daddy enjoying a ride in the cars. This was one of Mac's favorite rides.

Finn was a trooper. He was really sick before we left Houston, so I took him in just for a check up before we got on a plane.. well low and behold Finn was super sick... he had pre-pneumonia. Poor little man. He had issues breathing and sounded horrible, but after a few days of breathing treatments and medicine, he was doing just fine. Here he is waiting in the stroller for his Bro and Daddy to get off the car ride.Here is Granny Dean and I in the astro orbiter. Yep we managed to squeeze ourselves into a kids ride together!!!Granny Dean was also such a trooper! She had knee surgery awhile back, but she was keeping pace with us all along. That is until the third day when we decided she was hurting so much she needed a wheelchair.... and I am not going to lie.. the wheelchair was so nice, because we got to go straight to the front of each ride line everytime!!! Then after the third day we couldn't help but wonder why we hadn't gotten the wheelchair earlier!!

Abby was in heaven here. She loved seeing each character even though it seemed like we didn't see that many. Oh and the tiger face... she begged for it and yes why not... we're at Disneyland, and it's her birthday so let's give her whatever she wants. It was so cute on her. She's just so cute.

Here is uncle Gabe and Dad giving Abby ride of their own. This is in California Adventure... which was so fun.

Grandpa Dean loved holding Finn. Thanks Grandpa you're the best. Isn't Finn is sweet? Think he knows he's at the Happiest Place on Earth?

Here's Abby and Granny on the 3D Toy Story ride. It was so fun.. definitely one of our favorites.

The very best part was Abby's little semi-private birthday party in Disneyland. Granny Dean planned it all. It was so sweet and special for Abby. There was this loony dude named Pat. E. Cake jumping around singing while we all got to decorate our own cupcakes. Then at the end Mickey and Minnie Mouse personally came and gave all the children that were celebrating their birthdays hugs. It was more then we expected and it meant the WORLD to Abby.

This is so sweet and heart-melting. She really loves them.

Like Mother like daughter. We are so cheesy... but having so much fun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Wischmeier Family went on Vacation!!!! I know! I can't even believe it either! For Abby's 5th birthday her Granny Dean wanted to take her to Disneyland. (This has been in the making for the last year, so we were pretty pumped to finally have her birthday get here.) We decided to make it a week long trip, so we could do other fun things in Cali, beside Disneyland. We wanted to save going to Disneyland until the day of Abby's actual birthday, so our first stop was Seaworld. We have all never been to Seaworld... so it was pretty exciting!!

We got to ride some fun rides, see a cute sea lion show, hold sea stars, and most important... we got to see Shamu!!! Shamu was quite amazing. Actually there were three huge whales performing, and it was a spiritual experience. I was in awe of the beauty of the whales. Abby I don't think could really believe what was going on. She just sat there in awe as well. Mac really could have cared less, and I thought that was pretty funny.