Friday, January 22, 2010

House of the sick

Our boys have been sick, and horribly miserable. I thought for a second that it was the flu, what with the fever, running nose, and hideous cough... but thank goodness it wasn't the flu. Just a nasty virus to make them ornery and a little bit more ornery. I don't blame them... just wished they slept more : )

McConnell was sick first, then Finn got it of course. I liked how the doctor mentioned that I should try to make sure the boys don't come in contact with each other.. that just makes me laugh. Poor Finn though. He's still pretty sick. And it hurts my heart. Every time he coughs my heart aches and my body hurts for his poor little helpless body. I finally couldn't handle hearing his congestion and the wheezing so I took him to the Urgent care and he had an ear infection. The doctor even had Finn get chest x-rays to make sure he didn't have pneumonia.. umm yeah that's an awful and scary thought! I had to hold him down while he was getting the x-rays. Poor thing. Thankfully the chest x-rays looked good and no pneumonia. Abby wanted to go with me to the doctors and me being the fabulous mother that I am, I told her that she could come with us as long as she "didn't drive me crazy." Abby was of course sweet and helpful and kept on asking me if she was driving me crazy and if she was being a good girl. Yep.. I am a horrible parent..

Abby then did something so sweet that makes me cry just thinking about it. Finn was on the doctor's table crying because he was tired and sick and I was trying everything I possibly could to get him to laugh or be happy, then Abby says "Mama play peekaboo." So I did and of course the Finn-Bug loved it. And of course Abby turned the situation around and taught me something and I LOVE her so very much. And I realized she is growing up too fast, and I felt bad telling her that she can only come if she doesn't drive me crazy. Well... there's a wonderful parenting experience. This life is all about learning and growing.. and Abby is teaching me so much. She is the coolest kid I have ever met. She still sleeps with us at night and I cherish it.. she cuddles with me and loves me and forgives me everyday for my shortcomings. And she told me when I walked down the stairs to go to church today that I was beautiful. Thank you Abby, but I'm not nearly as beautiful as you.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I am pretty sure, babies don't come much cuter than this....