Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye Bye Training Wheels

Abby learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels this last weekend. It was incredibly easy for her, and it proves that she was ready long ago. She also has had a huge growth spurt over these last couple months, and that's why her bike looks so little!! Before she left for home Granny went out and bought her a new bike, and Abby loves it. The look on Abby's sweet face while she is pedaling around the cul-de-sac is priceless.. she's so very proud of herself!! Way to go Abby!!!

Our 24 Hour Date

While my family was in town, Ben and I were treated with a whole day off!!! Granny, Grandpa and Aunt Jessica Dean took care of the kids and we ran outta the house as fast as we could!

Ben surprised me with this 24 hour date, and it was a blast. It was so sweet how much thought and effort he put into it. He melts me.

In the glove box of the car were 5 separate envelopes each with the address of our next destination. First stop was a place called Dave & Buster's. Basically a huge game warehouse and tons of fun. I schooled Ben at air hockey like always!! (it's our thing, he is always trying to beat me at air hockey, he did win once, but the third time we played I beat him 7-0!!!) Ben managed to get $20 of free game play and here's the loot we got!

After Dave and Buster's we headed Discovery Green. It's an outdoor park in downtown Houston. I was feeling a little sick before we left Dave and Buster's because we played a shooting game that moves around a lot (I am weird and get sick with that sort of stuff) so Ben was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do what he had planned at Discovery Green. All was well after some much needed fresh air, thank goodness because went we drove up to Discovery Green I saw this!!

It's not a full blown hot air balloon, but it is like a mini-version. It's helium filled and on a cord, and goes up 350 feet. Pretty cool. We've both never experienced anything like it, so we were pretty excited. After waiting an hour and a half we got our 10 minute turn and it was pretty cool, seeing how Houston is flat you can see a lot when you are 350 feet in the air. We both enjoyed it.
After the balloon we headed to the Hotel. Which was beautiful and fabulous. We attempted a nap, but just cuddled and watch some uninterrupted tube. (no picture for that)

Then it was off to dinner. Ben choose a fancy-spancy restaurant, think Top Chef type of food. We gorged ourselves to oblivion. DIVINE!!!

Then back to the Hotel for some much needed R & R. That lasted until about 2:30am when I started throwing up. Yep... not so much fun. Why can't I just get one night of peaceful sleep??? Such is life.
It was so wonderful to have a whole day with my Sugar. He is everything to me, and I wish that I could be with him more. I kinda can't get enough of the guy!!
Thank you Love for all your hard work and effort, it was fabulous.
*I know what you are thinking.. lots of feeling nauseous and throwing up... and NO I am not pregnant!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

It's raining here in Houston. It's drizzly. It's pretty to look at. It reminds me of Seattle.

Not much going on at the Wischmeier home.

Finn is cutting his two bottom teeth. He'll be cute with some teeth, though I don't think he could ever get any cuter.

Mac is two, and somewhat miserable with life. He doesn't get enough sleep, and that makes for some hard days. He is also talking like crazy. He makes us laugh basically all day long... when he's not throwing a fit.

Abby is getting tall and really growing up fast. My heart is breaking as she is my only girl. She'll be five this coming year, and I just don't know how that happened. She loves her preschool teacher and she is starting to learn how to read.

Mom and Dad are planning an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. We can't wait. Good times are to be had. Ben got to rake the lawn the other day and that made him feel more manly... so that's good. Mom got to take a shower three days in a row, so that's really good!

We painted our kitchen a divine light blue. It's fabulous and we love it. I found a cake stand that I am in love with. It's perfection. (a million thanks to Tessa my cousin for posting it on her blog)

Monday, December 7, 2009

A white December

It snowed in Houston. Like actual big white fluffy snowflakes. It was nice. The kids LOVED it. Well I take that back, Abby really loved it and Mac loved it until he touched it. He quickly realized snow is cold, very cold for Houston raised children and he bawled his little head off until his hands were properly warmed back to regular temperature. It really helped us all get into the Christmas spirit. And most importantly... it was gone in an hour. That's my kind snow. After our experience in Idaho (almost two years ago) I have vowed never to drive/live in a place that snowed. But I can handle an hour or two of snow every now and then.

We had a Bethlehem themed church Christmas party, and the kids dressed up. So cute. (Abby kind of looks like a polygamist..but it's the thought that counts right?)