Friday, March 20, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we decided to try out a little camping trip. We were all so excited, we could hardly stand it. The weather was going to be gorgeous, and we were going with one of our favorite families the Mangums. Dan the dad of the family is in scouts and knew right where to take it worked out perfect. It was in this beautiful little camping park called Double Lake, and it was only about 2 hours away. So we got there and instantly started setting everything up, while all the kids enjoyed the great outdoors. Mac and Abby were in heaven. Mac actually just really like the dirt and the bubbles that we blew! Abby just loved to see whatever the Mangums kids were doing, then follow along! Then as night fall approached we ate something called Frito-pie for dinner (it's just chili, cheese, and frito chips..and it's yummy!) And after that we tried and tried to get Mac to sleep but he was having none of that and I honestly was starting to wonder if we should head back home! But Ben decided to take Mac on a drive and that did the trick! So the night went okay, but the kids woke up 5:30am, so that wasn't too great, because no one in our tent slept well. Oh well. We decided since the whole camp was still sleeping that we would go check out the nearest little town and we found some awesome antique shops. Of course they weren't open at 6am, so we waited to go back until 10... and then found some amazing finds! I would post pictures, but my camera is being dumb again. Then it was back to the camp to do something fishing and vegging out. I actually caught my first ever fish!! It was a baby bass... that's right "I caught you a delicous bass." I was stoked!! But grossed out! Dan thankfully unhooked it, showed it to all the kids and then released it back into the water. After fishing our kids started to get cranky and the whole no sleep thing had started to take affect. So we decided to head on home! That's right... we only lasted about 24hours...but for our first ever family camping trip that's not so bad!! We had a blast, and we can't wait to do it again in a few years : ) Thanks Mangums for being so fun, and taking us along on your camping adventure!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's been a busy last couple of weeks. I am already in full nesting mode, so the ever long to-do list was made up and now it's just a matter of getting things done! Ben has been hard at work turning our garage into his own "shop." I think it's sweet whenever he calls the garage his shop.. kinda like the fourth bedroom is my craft room. So he's been working hard at organizing and getting some shelves up, and he also made us some fabulous garden boxes. Next week we'll be getting dirty planting everything.

Ben also has been waiting to get his augmentation done, and here are the finally results. I think they look really natural..and Mac really enjoys bouncing on them, and I just missed the picture with Mac's mouth on them!!! (This is what we do on slow Sundays..we just play!)

Abby made the clever decision to cut her own hair. I was shocked at first, I didn't know if I should discipline her or laugh. I ended up laughing a lot, and I tried and tried to tell her never to do it again. It's my fault because I have been saying for the last month that she needs a hair cut. She was sneaky about it and hid majority of the hair under the couch. I didn't find that hair until this morning! Then it really sunk in just how much she cut!! Ohh... her hair is so's hard to see it go. Now hair her is totally 80's, sweet mullet and all.

Mac is just silly and crazy. He is really starting to talk/babble more, and it melts our hearts. He loves all things balls and talks about balls all day long. He's an easy pleaser! Here he is smiling for the camera! What a goofball!

I have just been busy with small house stuff and other crafts. I am really trying to get this home decorated to the nines before this baby comes and I just put up some wall words over my bed and I love it. And I am really trying to get my Esty store up and going, so I am sewing sewing and sewing!. I also started reading again, which in my opinion is much better then late night tv!
All and all we are happy and having fun. We are going camping this next weekend and we can't wait! More on that to come!