Saturday, January 24, 2009

Man-Beast Mac

Man-Beast is what I like to call Mac, and it's quite fitting. Let me just fill you in on some of the Man-Beast qualities this little boy possesses.

--This afternoon while we were hanging out in the front yard, I was reading the newspaper... only to look down and find McConnell playing with and tearing apart dog poop!! And he was enjoying it!!

-- The boy climbs, climbs, and climbs.

--He also throws throws and throws anything. ( I am honestly starting to worry about this next little baby being hit over and over again with random Mac objects)

--Look out or he'll whack you... he whacks/hits everything within a three foot radius.

-- He eats pine cones, chalk, and dirt and drinks his bath water.

--He uses anything as a weapon, like a tennis racket or sock!

--He loves his new found toy... the Winky.. he can't get enough! (Should I be worried about this?)

Really the list could go on. I am always finding myself saying.."Really? Are all little boys this monsterous?" or "Should he really already be doing that?" His Man-Beast abilities never cease to amaze me. But the kid also has a soft side...

--He worships his Lovey. ( I'm jealous of the tight bond these two have)

--He LOVES anything soft, and even if it is soft and fluffy.. then he'll throw his body on it and give it a good lovin.

--He has recently learned how to hug, and he's totally into it.

--He dances like a fool.. the boy has got some sweet moves.

All and all he's a really sweet and totally monstrous kid! I couldn't imagine life without him and I never ever have a dull moment in this house with him and Abby. Actually just tonight while giving him a bath he surprised me with another Man-Beast quality.. he deposited a turd in the bathtub!! (This is me... "Umm Ben you gotta come in here... I am not sure this really just happened!!!") Nothing like ending your night, scooping up a Man-Beast turd!! I love you my Man-Beast Mac.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Galveston Texas

Wanna go in Daddy?
I LOVE water!!!
How can it possibly be 70 degrees in November??

These are old pictures from when we went to Galveston during Thanksgiving time. It is so beautiful, and nice to know that we live so close. There is nothing quite like ocean air!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

San Fran Fun

Wow. San Fran is quite the pretty place. A little too over populated for me.. I have never seen so many homes pushed together in such a small space.. I got a little claustrophobic!!
Anyhoo.. we were able to go off and venture to some cool places, like Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, and lots of beautiful parks. These parks are the best I have ever seen!!
Enjoy the pictures.