Monday, November 29, 2010

Did I mention?

Did I mention that we have baby Wischmeier #4 on the way? It's kinda old news...but fabulous old news at that! We are due in March... here's to 16 more weeks of pregnancy. This baby was a total oh-no surprise.. but after a few hours of total shock and worry I was pretty excited! That just means life will be a little more hectic in the Wischmeier home..but let's not pretend it isn't already hectic enough! Oh well..what's one more right?

Almost unheard of...

Abby came home the other day from school asking for a pair of jeans. This is almost unheard of! She hasn't wore a pair of jeans since she was 3 months old! She has always disliked the rough feeling of jeans, but that has all changed. Apparently jeans are the cool thing to have at school...but we thought we'd jump on the opportunity. So off to kids consignment store I went in search for a starter pair of jeans. As luck would have it, I think I found a perfect pair. Abby LOVES them! They are too big..but the little girl is doing nothing but growing so I think they're just fine. I actually love them on her.. she's so sweet and cute.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

One Biker Dude, one Geisha, one Pirate, one Spiderman, and one penguin.. make for a fun Halloween.

Third for the second

The McConnell turned 3! Yes it was a couple of months ago and yes I did accidentally erase all of his birthday pictures off of my cameras memory card, but that doesn't take away from the fun that he had!

He had a super hero birthday party with all of his best buddies. We mostly just put them outside with a sprinkler and water guns and let them have at it. It started to rain, and apparently that was the coolest part. (it was warm rain, so they stayed out and had some wet fun)

When it came time for presents Mac was in heaven. Literally every gift he got he thought it was a magical treasure. When time came for cake and ice cream, he wouldn't even move away from his toys, he was just so sweet and content playing with them all day long.

McConnell is wonderful, quiet, sweet, happy and tender. Sometimes I think he's 5 because he's just so easy. Most times I don't worry about where he is in the house, because I know he's just in the play room playing with his toys, making up some sort of wild story in his cute little mind.

Happy 3rd birthday brother.. we love you forever.