Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 months for the third

Finn is three months today. He is sitting in his Bumbo, cooing more and more, and giving us an occasional giggle. He is also getting much less demanding, and learning to accept his new home. He adores his big sis and bro, and always give them a sweet smile. He sometimes even has a conversation with me, and it melts me. And he LOVES his Daddy's voice. I told Ben this has been the longest and fastest three months of my life. I have had days of pure joy and happiness, and have had days that I would just like to never remember again. Through it all, I know that I have been richly blessed to Mother these sweet children, and I kinda like to think that they chose me in their pre-earthly life. I just hope I am living up to what they want and need. I'll keep on trying TO DO MY BEST, while dancing to Shakira to brighten my outlook!!!!

Sweet baby Finn.... Your number three, same with your Mom and Dad, and we all know that we were the best kids our parents had... so let's keep up that tradition. ; )

Monday, September 28, 2009

Surfside Beach

We decided to get out of the house this last weekend and attempt to have some fun. So off to the beach we went. Our good family friends also come, which was fun for all. The kids had a great time. Mac just kept running full speed into the water, and Abby played so well I had forgotten we even brought her!!! Finn on the other hand, was quite cranky, making Mom really cranky!! I decided that I hated being there because it was so hot and miserable for Finn, who really needed a nap, so I told Ben we had to leave after only being there for about 15 minutes!! I am pathetic!! Dawn (my wonderful friend) quickly came to my aid and took Finn and of course he fell asleep in her arms. Whatever Kid!! After he fell asleep we were all finally able to really enjoy the beach. Poor Ben had to chase Mac around just about everywhere, until he started to get tired!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Grainmaker

Okay try not to be jealous, but we have the ultimate of ultimate grain mills. It's quite fabulous. It is 100% hand made in Stevensville Montana (which is about 15 miles away from Ben's home town.) It's a hand crank type of grain mill, and boy is it a workout to crank out the wheat, rice and beans that we have been grinding. Yep you read right, not only does it grind wheat, it will also grind up just about anything. We have tried oat groats, beans, rice, and wheat, and it works so very fabulously!! We are big fans! It has been so fun learning to grind up different stuff and it's also a great way to get some energy out of the kids. Abby is quiet fond of grinding up the wheat. Check out the website, there they have much better information, as I am horrible with words!! http://www.grainmaker.com/
Ben's Dad sells these, so if you are interested let me know, and I'll connect you with him and then you could have this awesome investment in your home. If you have been waiting to buy a grain mill... this is the one you've been waiting for..it's the Cadillac of grainmills!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Man Beast turns 2

McConnell had his awesome 2nd birthday a few days ago. It has been a fun two years with the little man. He is really into watching Toy Story, matter of fact it is almost impossible to pry his little eyes off the screen for more than two seconds while he's watching it. He inherited that from his Daddy for sure. So we decided to buy him a super cool buzz lightyear doll. Well little did we know how big it really was, and also how much it weighed!! I am 100% worried that Finn is going to get it thrown at his head, and suffer permanent damages!!!
So Mac opens up the Buzz toy and he's in heaven! He LOVES it! But after about two minutes with Buzz he had come to hate it already. The buttons weren't working on command, and it was hard to maneuver and play with!! He was really frustrated! He was throwing himself all over the floor and hitting Buzz against the ground. It was quite the ordeal. It was actually a perfect two year old tantrum. Pretty Fitting.
So I quickly make the decision that I really love all of my children and I don't want them suffering any brain damage because of blunt trauma to the forehead caused by the ever lovable, but slightly dangerous Buzz.So I got all the kids in the car and said "Kids were going to the Disney store." Off we went to try to find a cotton version of Buzz. And we found it.. and some jammies, and some other random stuff animals. (Man I'm a good Mom) Actually in attempts to keep Mac in the stroller I said get whatever you want and let's go!!!
So Mac now has two Buzz's and we are hoping that the big Buzz will get "lost" sometime soon!!

And oh did I mention the awesome Buzz costume we got Mac too?? It rocks my world.. but Mac isn't as into dressing up as Abby..but maybe one day. We got it on him once, and he melts my heart. He looked so cute in it that I decided I want to start calling him "Buzz"

We LOVE and ADORE McConnell. He melts me with every smile. He is still a total beast and hilarilous, and I couldn't imagine my crazy life without him. Happy Birthday Bubba.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Porky the Piglet: 2 Months

Finn had his two month check up and all is well. He's growing like crazy.. he's almost doubled his birth weight (he's 13.5 lbs)!! That's our Boy!!

I haven't mentioned yet, just how much better he has been in fear that I would be jinxing myself, but he has really gotten much better. Gripe water has proven to be effective.. thank goodness!!! I love him so much.. he is so sweet, and the crying has really died down. I can happily say that I am enjoying motherhood much more now!!

Isn't he the cutest thing ever??? I could dip him in rainbow chip frosting and nibble on him all day..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Caution: Children playing

I thought this was fitting...