Monday, July 28, 2008

Twlight Series

One word sums up the last week of my life: OBSESSED!!!

I started reading the first book (then the second, then the third) in the series and I was instantly hooked! I have never read a book this fast... Ben is seriously worried that I am going to run off in desperate search of a vampire named Edward. Don't worry Ben, this is just a phase in my life... I promise I'll stop talking about Bella and Edwards relationship soon.... that is until I get the fourth book!! If you haven't read these books, it's a must! Just a warning though, you'll get hooked and you won't be able to read the books fast enough!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Got my hair did!

I did it... I finally built up the courage to go for it..and I love it!

Summer Fun

We have really been enjoying our community pool!

We also really love the after affect of the pool on the kids! She's Pooped!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stella the Dog

I have realized that I haven't posted pictures of our adorable little puppy. She's a Soft Wheaton Terrier, and she's about 3 months old. She adores the kids and loves to run around in the backyard. She especially enjoys running through the sprinklers! I don't have the best picture of her yet, but here's one where Mac is taunting her from inside the laundry room and the first one is when Abby and Mom and Dad were playing outside and Mac and Stella felt lonely!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cutest Kids Ever!

I still can't quite get caught up with things, so this is a random post! Mac has learned how to walk! He started exactly one day before his ten month mark... that's one day earlier then Abby! I think it was some sort of competition for him or something!! He's already getting so fast. His all time favorite toy in the world is anything with a door on it. He'll play with a door for hours, until he locks himself out! He also has found out that toilet paper is pretty fun too.

Abby has been loving the new YMCA that we go to. She even gets to play in a big kid room!! There is a wonderful splash pad and small pool to play in, and we have only had one incident so far. Abby was some what swimming around with a noodle, and before you know it she lost her "noodle balance" and she was under! She was flipping and flaying around under the water for probably 3 seconds until I jumped in and saved her! The lifeguards didn't even notice her!! It was one of the scarier things that has happened to us, but it's over and we learned a good lesson!