Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not enough hands

Today is one of those days where I wished I had four arms, and the patience of Ben. But welcome to the real world, I don't!

Finn won't take his nap. Mac wants a cookie, then a popsicle, then a honey sandwich, then a drink, then he has to on and so on. All while Jack just wants his mama's attention!!

Mom needs a time out. Mom needs some space.

I feel like I am being pulled in three different directions all at once. Ten minutes of constant pulling, crying and nagging and it basically ruins the rest of my day! Breathe in, breathe out...right?

Now in a perfect world, I would go a tickle my sweet two year olds back until he sweetly drifted off into sleepy time. I would make the four year old all his treats, and he wouldn't spill a one of them! And I would be able to hold and kiss and play with the baby.

But let's be realistic. The two year old will cry until he passes out. The four year old will get popsicle all over the couch and never tell me, and the baby will be a weirdo when he grows up because he wasn't held or kissed enough!

There I feel better, now I can go unlock the kids from the basement.

*Just kidding. If you knew me well enough you would know I don't have a basement. While writing this Finn sneaked out of his room and is playing downstairs, Mac is playing with his legos, and Jack is destroying my craft closet. See not so bad after all. I even added old adorable pictures of the boys..cause I do love them forever after all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A little self exploration...if you will...

The year of 2011, was of course kind to me. But it was a little different, in one aspect. I learned how to really and truly love myself. I've struggled with self-doubt and a negative self image for as long as I could remember, and 2011 taught me different. Let the sweet trumpets sing...right???

About early fall I had a horrible confrontation with someone who I taught was a friend. Apparently I said something that offended her, (its a funny story really..I actually said nothing hurtful..she just miss read something) and as soon as I found that I hurt her, I had to right my wrong. I would never purposely hurt someone I loved..or really anyone for that matter. (that is unless they hurt my children or family..of course..then it's game on!!) So I immediately made a phone call to this said person, and I apologized until I was blue in the face, but the person, wouldn't accept my apology and continued to be-little me and make me feel the worst I have felt in a long long time. It was a sad day and a very sad next couple of weeks. I played the conversation in my mind a million times, I worried and worried that someone else might secretly hate me as well, I hoped that my friends knew me and understood me, and I cried ALOT! I cried to my Honey, my Mama, my sister, and to my very best friend. They all told me what I was then struggling to believe. They told me I was in fact a nice person, they told me the other person was ridiculous and mean, they told me not to worry about it, but I did. And it took me a good 2 months to figure it all out. 2 months of laying in bed wondering why something was hurting me so bad. I am very thankful for those 2 months, as hard as they were. They taught me to be kind to myself. I learned that I have the right to my own friends, I'm a grown women and I'm just now learning that I don't need people in my life that I need to work to keep. Those that know me, know I am a good person. I would do just about anything for a friend, anytime. I would never ever belittle someone like that person did to me, because I know how much it hurt.

While driving home from bunco one night, I had an epiphany.

I'm awesome. I'm funny. And I like to laugh and have fun. I love who I am. I love people. And I love friends. And I AM STRONG, and I'll live. Life is too short to not truly enjoy life and love yourself completely.

The End.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jack's first hair cut

Baby Boy Jack got his first buzz cut. It managed to take all the sweet golden red hair away, and that's sad, and it also managed to make him look like a toddler and not a baby, and that's really sad.
He looks much more like Ben now too.

Can't write anymore, or I'll cry.


Mac and Finn's favorite thing to do, is to take all the cushions off the couch and have a hay day. They do this at least once a day, if not twenty times! They both also love the Nintendo DS, Mom's iPod and Mom's cell phone.Dad is getting put in the inner-thigh mega death head lock...and Jack loves it!!

We don't call him Happy Jack for no reason!
Finn likes to get pictures taken of himself and then check them out on the camera.
This one Mac took of Finn.

Mac wanted his Lego girl on his head. Silly boy.

For awhile Jack liked to shove his whole binky in his mouth...kinda scary.

Aren't they the cutest most sweet boys ever!!

Christmas 2011

Happy Jack!

Granny and Grandpa after church...looking good! Grandpa reading a fun story to Mac. He's really into it!

This year for Christmas, Granny and Grandpa Dean came down for a visit. The kids were in heaven, seeing how Granny pretty much spoils them to their hearts content!! It was cold enough in Houston to be able to have a nice warm fire, and everyone enjoyed that! Christmas was fun, low-key and full of yummy food.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

January 2012

Hello 2012! It's going to be a great year! Things are busy as usual for us. Abby started swimming again and she's in heaven. Her coach has been having them run a mile and a half at practice..which I think is super far for a 6 year old..but she does it and it's so fun to see her be proud of herself! Mac is back in preschool and learning tons! Finn is ornery, but sweet at the same time. (its maddening!!) And Jack is almost walking!
Mom and Dad started another 12 week "body for life" challenge. So far so good. I think putting it here on the blog will make me stay committed! I look forward to my birthday as it falls on the end of the 12 weeks, and I seriously and desperately hope I can reward myself with a new pair of fabulous jeans that look cute on my healthier and better looking body!

This years goals for the family goes a little like this:

Mom: Run a 5k, lose some weight, read 12 books.

Dad: Have a flourishing garden!

Abby: Come in 1st place in one event at a swim meet, & hit a home run.
Mac: learns his ABC's, count to 100, and learn to ride his bike

Finn: Get potty trained, so he can play on a 3 year old b-ball team!

Jack: walk, talk and grow!