Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thesis Defense....

Ben has been working really hard to get to this point of his life, and he passed with flying colors! He was pretty nervous but he prevailed and his committee decided to let him graduate! Thank goodness.. that would have been pretty ugly if not. They would have seen the megabeast wife come out in me!! Just Joking. We are all a little bit relieved to say the least..especially Ben.

I am so thankful for all of his hard work in school over these last years. I know I couldn't have done it. Honestly we have been so blessed, and we just feel like Heavenly Father knew exactly where we needed to be. Living in Seattle has been great, besides the few down falls. (like crazy homeless people, our cars being broken into, the intense liberals...and so on.) We are so looking forward to owning our on home and being able to know that's where we'll be for a long time.*(I just got news that we might be able to close on the house this Friday!!) Thank you Ben for all that you do for our little family. You are the BEST example and role model for our children. And thank goodness you didn't decide to go to Medical school...because I don't think I could have lasted much more longer as an apt manager! Good job today Dad... we love you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Second Home

Yes, it's true Costco is my second home. I get the biggest thrill when I am walking through all of the massive isles,while pushing my massive cart...you almost have to have a special cart license to know/understand how to maneuver one. . And the deals... you can't beat em'!! I have a really hard time when people don't understand why it is so much better to buy 50 rolls of toilet paper then the measly 12 that you could get at walmart! Down the road... yes maybe it's a really long road... you'll end up saving so much money! My love for Costco is so deep that I make a weekly stop into any Costco I see. Just today I hit up the Kirkland one, because I saw it off the freeway....I can't pass it up... it's against everything I am. Costco cafeteria food is the SHIZNITZ! (don't make fun of the highschool term... but that's all I could think of) Honestly their $1.99 pizza by the slice is the best pizza that I have ever had. So yummy. Abby is hooked on the hotdogs (which come with a free drink all for only $1.50) and Ben loves the chicken bake. On some nights when we are just hanging out as a family with nothing to do Ben and I instantly think Costco. How can you go wrong when dinner that night will only cost 7.00 bucks! I mean they have it all, books, food, clothes, furniture, toys, car stuff... everything! Today I bought Ben his father's day gift early. He has always wanted to have really nice hangers, I guess he's tired of the old fashion nasty wire kinds.. so I found some beautiful ones at Costco, and it was my lucky day because occasionally Costco has coupons! Hooray for Coupons.. and I just happen to have a coupon for the hangers. I got 50 nice cheery wood hangers for $20! That's a steal.. only $.40cents a hanger. Ben will love them.. and so will I when I look into our upscale organized closet! Now I just need the upscale wardrobe. Thank goodness Costco sells clothes : ) And thank goodness our new home is close to a Costco.. it was actually a critical part of the house hunt.. it must be close to Costco!!!! I'm Costco crazy... but that's the best kind of crazy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mac Milestones

Mr. McConnell has learned that his all time favorite thing so far in his little life has been learning to stand. He will stand up in his crib for hours... well not exactly hours, but you get the point. He is so incredibly proud of himself that you can't help but smile.

He has also learned how to crawl!! Crawling is definitely not his favorite thing. He usually gets really frustrated and just gives up. But today he has really been crawling around a lot more. I can't believe he is getting more independent and mobile!

I have been trying to teach Abby how to use her imagination more, so I decided to try to dress her up like a fairy tale ballerina... She liked it for about two minutes then asked to put on her fireman suit!

And finally this is Mac playing "firefighters" with his big sister.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Executed Contract!

We are one step closer to buying this home! We have an executed contract done and signed, now it's just a matter of waiting ten days to see if the home passes inspection. WHOOOHOO!!! We're almost there!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This might be our future Home!!

Well, like I said this might be our future home. We just put an offer on it.. and things are looking pretty good! Send us some good vibes!!! Take a look and please tell me how much you love it... because I LOVE it!!