Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Self- Portraits

I love these kids. Love 'em a lot. They do just about everything together and self-portraits seem to be their new favorite things.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Bell

Blue Bell ice cream is arguably one of the most delicious brands of ice cream in the history of the world. We heard about their fun tours (and free scoop at the end) and thought, since we were heading to Austin anyway, we might as well take advantage. The tour was fun. Abby and Mac really enjoyed watching the machinery and the ice cream filling the buckets and heading down the line. They had this really cute video about the history of the creamery at the beginning of the tour, and when they asked for volunteers to be the "caboose" of the line, we gladly we got an extra scoop! Bonus!
Here's Mac enjoying his scoop - Summer Berry (soooo good).
Abby was in heaven and couldn't decide what flavor she wanted. She seems to be more of a sherbet kind of girl, so Rainbow sherbet is what she decided on.
Here we all are enjoying our tasty flavors. On that table we've got Rainbow Sherbet (Abby's choice), Summer Berry (Mac's choice), Groom's cake and Banana Pudding (Ben's choices), and Cookie dough and Pecan Pralines (Allison's choices).
Thank you Blue Bell for your delicious ice cream and fun tour. We'll be back again!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 for the first

The birthday girl blastin the enemy.

Abby and the Sergeant.
Blastin' the enemy
Shooting Practice
The Obstacle Course
Finn loves to smile for the camera.
Abby and Mac playing with Abby's coveted birthday present ( a nintendo DS)

Can't believe my baby girl turned 5. Can't believe she'll be in full day kindergarten in three months. Can't believe how sweet and fabulous she is. Can't believe some of the outfits puts on herself... most of all I can't believe how much I LOVE her.

We threw her an Army birthday bash and it was pretty great. We had boot camp for the kids, complete with gun shooting, grenade throwing, and obstacle running. Abby was in 7th heaven. Ben played the role of Sergeant... the kids loved that.

Happy birthday Abby.. we are so proud of the beautiful wonderful silly girl that you are growing up to be. You brighten our days with your rhyming raps and your funny jokes. You are the sweetest most kind big sister to your little brothers, and you still give the very best cuddles. We LOVE YOU FOREVER.