Monday, August 31, 2009

We're basically shut-in's

... and I am totally fine with that. I am pretty sure that I am not going out with three kids until Finn can walk, and Mac learns to stop running into the street! But like I said I am totally fine staying at home and having fun. The weather is actually getting cooler, which means it's only in the low 90's, but the kids have been taking advantage of that so that's a good energy waster.
So while were in the house, I figure I might as well take adorable pictures of my boogers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ben's big birthday bash..

That's some what of a joke.. Ben had a really low key 29th birthday. Mom and kids had a peticularly hard day, so we really didn't do much. He came home to a messy home and cranky kids, then he opened his gifts and off to dinner with our best buds we went. And that was it.
I didn't even make him a cake! I know he understands, but I still feel bad. Maybe I'll throw him one rockin' 30th birthday party next year. And hopefully by that time Finn has stopped crying!
Isn't Ben super Handsome!!
Are you kidding me.. so cute

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Helpers

Mac and Abby really enjoy helping us when it comes to just about anything around the house, except for picking up their own toys....weird I know.
Here they are helping Daddy put together Mac's new big kid bed. Abby came running down the stairs with both goggles saying "Dad I got our safety goggles." It's super dangerous to put together a plastic bed, so she was just taking the proper safety precautions!! So cute.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slightly Struggling..

Haa.. in one of my last posts I wrote that having three children wasn't so bad. That's funny. It's been hard. Really hard. Finn is a super demanding child. He still cries a lot, and that's hard. It makes it hard for me to care for my other children, basically they are lucky to get lunch on the table before three!! Oh well right?? Time goes on, and before you know it he'll be a little bit more independent, and I'll miss the newborn stage. I think that's the really hard part for me is that I am totally missing out and not enjoying the newborn stage with Finn. It was really like that with all my children though... they just seem to have a hard time adjusting outside of the womb, which I totally understand. I mean when Finn was in the womb he was getting a weekly dose of Cinnabon, and I am sure he's screaming because that's what he really wants.

Well besides me losing my mind, things are good. Once there is a little peace in quiet in the house, I am truly back to my normal self. I actually got out of the house yesterday and went to the grocery store. I cranked up the music and instantly felt better. Thank you Rihanna.
Abby and Mac are silly as ever. Mac is funny and just walks around saying "Mama Mommy Mommy." And Abby is imaginative as ever, during Family Home evening she does all the teaching, it's quite sweet.

Our garden was some what successful, it got incredibly HOT in Houston and we also had a bad drought, so that made our garden not produce the best veggies...but it was a fun try. There's always next year.