Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Videos

The other night I pulled out the rusty old video camera. It's been great watching old videos of our younger lives. It's sad though, I have several tapes of Abby and Mac, and I can't find one with a baby Finn in it!! It just goes to show that Finn really did rock this family! Two children seemed so with four I am lucky to get a picture of them on their birthdays! I feel bad that I'm not that Mom, the one always taking pictures of the kiddos. Thank goodness for technology, I am able to take pictures and video of the kids on my phone and ipod!

This is my vow to get better about filming the kids and taking more pictures. (that's funny because our little point and shoot camera is no where to be found!!)  Now if I could only get my hands on a beautiful SLR camera life would be good!! 

She's growing up!

Lately, Abby has been acting more and more like a pre-teen girl! She asks to me paint her nails. She asks if it's okay if she goes up to her room and listens to music. She brushes her hair..a lot...all day long. She is trying really super hard to do the splits. And she watches pre-teen t.v. shows like iCarly and Zoey 101.

This all came out of no-where!!! It's been fun to watch it all unfold though. But it does hurt my heart because it does mean she's getting older.

**Literally while writing this Abby walked into the room, I hid the screen from her (because she wouldn't want me to write this for everyone to read...of course!!) and asked her to leave (so I could continue writing about her) and she said "Why?? Are you doing something LAME??" haha...her sentences make me laugh..she's trying to be all cool, haha.

Yup, she's a growing up!