Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Favorite

I hope this memory and picture is forever implanted in my mind. WONDERFUL HAPPINESS!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something's missing...

Abby's two front teeth have been loose now for what seems like months! Finally the first one came out at school, Abby's story is that she went to the bathroom and pulled it out! Then the second one came out at Ikea, but it came out in a french fry that Abby accidentally ate. Opps! Here's hoping that those permanent front teeth come in as straight as the baby ones did!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Numero Quatro

Jack Benjamin Wischmeier arrived on March 15th. He was big, real big...9lbs 4oz big. His hair hasn't decided yet if it would like to be light brown or red. We are all holding out hope that it will be red. (I mean have you ever seen Abby's hair before?) He has all ten fingers and toes and he looks identical to his big sister Abby. His labor was everything I hoped and imagined that it would be. It rocked my a seriously awesome way and I am very proud of my body for finally figuring labor out. Jack is a sweet and easy baby. All I do all day is hold him and kiss him...and I would really like it if the newborn stage lasted longer than a couple months because it goes by too fast. Abby and the boys have been so good adjusting to life with four turkeys. So Tender and Innocent.

An hour after having Jack, the kids were able to come and met him, and the moment they stepped into the room I was a wreck. I felt so happy and complete, but most importantly I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Heavenly Father has been so good to us, we have four beautiful and sweet children, who make us so happy. Our whole life is our children, they all rock and have the best personalities and I love them forever. Life is good!