Monday, June 25, 2012


Dear Nintendo DS, Mom's Ipod, and our family Camera,

Where have you gone? I would like to think that this house is clean and organized enough to be able to find all these beloved missing items, but I guess not.

We miss you. Please come out from your hiding spots. You won.

The Wischmeier's

On another note...

Abby is done with swimming and baseball! Yay to having our weekends back!! Abby was picked to be on the all-star baseball team and she did amazing as always! So proud of her and all her baseball accomplishments. She did so well on swim team too! She managed to shave another 10 seconds off her breaststroke and another second off her freestyle. She's such a competitor! When she's swimming I just watch her in awe...she understands hardwork and the pay off!! Way to go Abby! 

Mac loves swimming as well. After having one session of private swim lessons he is so much more comfortable in the water. He is such an easy little man. I say little man because soon he'll be 5!! I feel like I never have much to say about Mac, he is just so chill and easy going that that's about it! 

Finn is potty training and he is doing so so so good! After just one week, he'll run to the bathroom on his own and go all by himself! He still has issues with #2, but we'll keep on working on that. So proud of him! He is still obnoxious, very loud and demanding, but at the same time he's sweet and loving. He drives me nuts for sure, but also melts my heart. Is it too soon to diagnosis bi-polar disorder? (kidding) He starts playing baseball this weekend and he will love it, I know because he's been waiting to play for the last year! 

 Jack is too much. Too much cuteness and manly-ness all bundled up in one chubby little man. He is so happy and content. He loves to sort things, like dumping boxes of stuff out and putting it all back together. He loves playing outside, and the mosquito's love him just as much. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover!

This has been a long time coming! Ben was out of town for a week, so I decided to surprise him and makeover our boring bedroom!

It was a lot of work. I painted it three times, and this is no small room! I painted until 2am several nights, so the kids wouldn't be in my way. The first gray I picked was too purple, so that had to go...I even did two coats of that color because I hoped it would dry different. It didn't. Thankfully, I did find the perfect gray, and after applying one coat I was too tired to paint a final coat. So Ben and I will have to do that when we can find the time.

I searched and searched for the perfect bed. We have only had a headboard since we first moved to Houston, and it drove me nuts how the kids thought are bed was a trampoline. I figured a footboard would solve that problem! We had thought about building our future bed, but let's be honest, it would take us months to have a finished product. So off to craigslist I went. I found this golden brass bed and just couldn't get it out of my mind since seeing it. I emailed the seller and she was a sweet old lady trying to sell it for an estate sell of a friend of hers. I had to see it. I packed up the kids the next day and off we were. When I did see it in person, I was in love. I just worried that Ben would think it was too old fashioned. So I passed on buying it that day. A couple days past and I couldn't stop thinking about the bed, and I realized that if I couldn't get it of my mind then it was the bed for us. I called the gal back, and she even offered to deliver it to me. Yay! Just one problem though, she didn't have any of the rails or hardware for the bed! Thankfully, my sister and her boyfriend Jeff helped me figure out a way for it to work with our existing bed frame. (A huge thank you to Jeff and Jessica for all the extra help I needed with the room)

When I had first gone to look at the bed, in the corner of the ladies garage was a beautiful drum side table. They are old and antique and I die for them! I asked how much, but I passed! What was I thinking! When the lady said she'll deliver my bed I asked her to throw in the table as well...and it was mine!! Yay!

After painting the room, I needed fabulous curtains. Curtains with color and attitude. Off to target we went. It's a funny story because the morning after I had finally finished the last coat of paint, Abby woke up (she was sleeping in my bed) and the first thing she said was "Mom, you know what color looks really great with gray?? Orange!" Literally the first words out of her mouth. I found these orange curtains at target, and knew they would be perfect!!

Now I needed a lamp. I'm was picking with the lamp. I think we went to at least ten different stores. I finally found the perfect one. The boys were happy I made up my mind...they were definitely done shopping around for a silly lamp.

We have a huge blank wall, and I knew just what to do. Last year Ben and I took a little trip to Austin and on our way we stopped a little antique stores off the highway. I had found old metal window screens for dirt cheap and at the time I had no idea what to do with them, but I needed them, so I bought them!! I used the screens to be a frame for my favorite pictures. I just glued the pictures onto foam boards and then used spray adhesive to get the pictures to stick to the screen. Of course as you can see nearly all the pictures have fallen off the screen, so I gotta figure out a better way to attach the pictures to the screen..but I'm sure you get the idea. It was the perfect idea for the huge blank wall.

Lastly, I need and wanted a new white duvet cover. My girlfriend gave me a giftcard to Homegoods, and I got a killer deal on my duvet cover! White is a daunting color with my children, but I can always bleach it!

Overall, I love the room. It feels like a hotel.

Ben was sooo surprised, and he loved the room as well.

Hooray for taking back our Master Bedroom! (I can't find our camera..of course so cell phone photos it  looks a million times better in person!)